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Philadelphia politicians want the higher cigarette tax, but it cant raise the cigarette tax without state approval. More want stronger nonsmoking law, poll shows Reading Eagle - February 25, Breathe Free Pennsylvania polled registered voters in an effort to convince lawmakers to ban smoking in social clubs, iside, bars and all parts of restaurants.

One recent Monday, I took a stroll after lunch, encountering smoker after smoker huddling in the shadows of skyscrapers. My lungs full of carcinogens, I went to Rittenhouse Square to purge them. During my brief visit, I counted no fewer than 20 smokers flouting the park smoking ban, no doubt tossing their spent butts to the ground and dirtying up our beautiful green space in the process. Outside the city, the situation only gets worse. There are hundreds of smoking bars in the surrounding counties, and thousands of bars where you can still smoke throughout the state.

Of the counties surrounding Philadelphia, Delaware County has the highest per capita rate of bars that allow smoking. See, the Pennsylvania ban is rife with exemptions. Private clubs like fire halls, VFWs and after-hours bars are exempted as well, as are cigar bars and cigar stores.

The list goes on. And yet, gambling on cruises you travel outside of the commonwealth, you can find anti-smoking havens all around you.

He seems to be right about that, as I had a hard time finding even bar smokers with strong opinions against the law. Smoking and drinking go together. I asked Sokol how he felt about the proposed new ban on a purely human, and not financial, level. Another bar owner I spoke with in smoke-filled Upper Darby felt similarly.

I kinda like it. Halls like VFWs are typically some of the smokiest places you can find, so when the ban passed, most of the smoking members expected that the hall would get an exemption and remain their smoking mecca. But even if the business at smoking bars does decline once they inevitably go non-smoking, so be it. Philadelphia SundaySmoking Ban. Be respectful of our online community and contribute pw an engaging conversation.

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Smoking ban in Pa. targets casinos, clubs, bars, outdoor eating establishments Translation for New Jersey residents: If you smoke and enjoy going to the The bill would amend the Clean Indoor Air Act and targets loopholes in the Failure to do so will result in fines, possible closure, and outright. Sands Casino Resort Bethlehem to play the slots, but the smoke can be in casinos in Pennsylvania but banned for virtually all other indoor. Some casino-goers who don't smoke support smoking inside the Rivers casino is OK — that if you don't like it, stay out of the smoking areas.